Bacon, my New Lover

August 31, 2010 § 3 Comments

I recently had a friend visit, who insisted on making me a BLT. Who was I to say no? Sometimes you just have to go with what beautiful women recommend. This one wanted to make me the best sandwich ever and I let her do it. It was decadent. Gobs of mayonnaise slathered on toast, the crunch of bacony goodness and the juice of ripe, delicious tomatoes. Fantastic. I had lettuce too, of course, but it was not nearly as exciting as its companion ingredients.

I only hope to be so lucky again.

We had leftover bacon, which was good for days of breakfasts. It’s magic, that bacon. It brings beautiful sandwich-making women into my life and fills me with goodness and purity.

Holy one of blessing, you have blessed us with the gift of bacon and for that we will ever be grateful. Amen.



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