Hanger Steak

October 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

My friend Leroy, whom I tend to eat with a lot apparently, took me out to eat after I helped him move. We went to Ray’s the Steaks in Arlington, VA – a local place he described as every bit as good as Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and half the price. I have never been to Ruth’s but have heard mouth-watering stories about its goodness.

I got the hanger steak. I don’t know exactly what the name refers to, but it could be a variety on “hangman’s steak,” which also confuses me, but that’s mostly because I just made it up. Whatever defines a hanger steak, they got it right. The menu said this piece of meat was not the most tender but was by far the most flavorful. I would have to agree on that. I have rarely tasted anything so delightful and full-bodied as this steak. Add in the mashed potatoes and creamed spinach and you have a meal fit for a liege.

On the downside, Leroy is moving today out to Spokane, Washington. Adios, he says, to the DC area. Brother, we will all miss you and hopefully I will get out there to visit in the next year or so. Also, my beautiful girlfriend still isn’t referring to me as her liege. Not sure what that’s about, but I am hoping it will get rectified soon so I can be recognized for my royal demeanor and take my proper place in the world.



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