Turkey Chili

March 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

It was cold not too long ago and I really needed something that would warm me up. Sure, Beautiful Girlfriend warms the cockles of my heart, is good to snuggle on a cold morning and I see her angelic visage reflected in all my tomorrows and blah blah blah but when the rubber meets the road and it’s cold out I need hot food. Preferably soup. Preferably chili.

I stood at the cooler case, staring at blobs of ground beef, unsatisfied by the prices for meat that would be almost as much sizzle as melt. Then I noticed the package of ground turkey nearby. I remembered that my father went through a phase of buying ground turkey instead of ground beef and I decided to try it for myself. Sure enough, it did the job wonderfully. The chunks of meat were indistinguishable from beef. Plus, it is lower in fat than beef, so I felt good on a health level for making this choice, partly because using lean meats means I can eat more pickled sausage and Litt’l Smokies. Everyone is a winner when you get an outcome like that.


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