Hormel Chili with Beans

August 9, 2011 § 2 Comments

I was hungry and in Target on my lunch break and came across this gem of a meal. I think it had enough salt and fat for an entire day. It was tasty, though, likely from all the salt and fat. The real selling point for me is that this was made with beef, not defatted chicken or some sort of mystery meat or snouts and bungholes like Vienna Sausages contain. It was refreshing to see this sort of thing. The ingredients made it seem like real food and it tasted good. The one thing I didn’t like was the high fat and salt levels. There was a layer of nasty on the top of the chili, where the fat had risen to the top. It was both disgusting and delicious, though. I highly recommend this, but not for everyday dining. It would be great for camping or hiking or another activity that might require burning a lot of calories.



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  • […] I got some sub-standard corned beef hash at the Parkway Deli in Silver Spring. This was particularly upsetting because most of what they make is excellent and the place is a staple for when Beautiful Girlfriend and I go out to eat. I tried to cram it all down but to no avail. It was excessively salty and instead of looking like corned beef, it had more the consistency of cat food, mushy and pureed. I won’t order this again. This hash had all the appeal of Vienna sausages and other Hormel products. […]

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