Chili from Hooters

August 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

My friend Jim sometimes calls me up for lunch and suggests Hooters, so I have gone there a few times recently.  Not long ago I was still hungry after my ten-piece wings and decided to try their chili. Honestly, Hooters is not known for their great food. It’s more of a place where it’s okay to look at boobs without feeling embarrassed when you get caught and that you can tell your wife or girlfriend about because all the women there were fully dressed. The food isn’t bad but it’s nothing to write home about.

The chili was okay – perfectly serviceable, if uninteresting – and I would say it was worth the $3.99 I paid for it. The thing I didn’t like was that they charged extra for onions and sour cream – 49 cents each. Most places offer these with the cost of the chili. They also charge extra for carrot sticks, celery, and blue cheese if you are getting wings. Come on, Hooters. I know you are operating a place known for eye candy, but I am not going to come back over and over to a place with mediocre food where I feel like I am getting nickeled and dimed to death. Not until Jim calls again, anyway.




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