Subway’s Black Forest Ham Sub

September 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

For me, Subway has never been a paragon of fine dining. It is more utilitarian than anything else – a place I can get a decent lunch that won’t break the bank. Nothing particularly tasty or interesting, simply filling. This sandwich fit the bill. It was decent but uninteresting. No frills here. Thank goodness there are abundant toppings available, especially mustard, pickles, and hot peppers. Without those it would be too boring to bother with. I always find myself asking for extra pickles, though. For some reason they tend to dole out pickle slices with the mindset of rationing. I am pretty sure there is no pickle shortage but I don’t know that for sure.

On a side note, I have found that there are two types of Subway restaurants. One type smells like fresh baking bread and is pleasing to be in. It sort of makes up for the lack of stimulation their food gives the palate.  The other type of Subway inexplicably smells like vomit. Has anyone else had this experience? I have noticed that there is usually about a 50 percent chance of getting one or the other. I wonder if someone from Subway’s corporate office can explain this mystery.



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