End of Summer Barbecue with Tom and Tiff

September 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

My friends Tom and Tiffany are among the best people in the world, and not just because they invite me to their kick-ass cookouts and get-togethers. They are just plain great people. Generous, kind, warm-hearted people. They had just such a cookout last weekend to bid adieu to the warmth and frivolity of summer and to welcome the cooler temperatures autumn is sure to bring. The gathering was a meatsplosion or meatocalyopse, and there was a pretty good reliance on sausages, although a few burgers floated around as well.

Sausage gathering, prior to being cooked.

Some Hoffman Red Hots, I think. They were pink and delicious. These may have been the sausages with cheese in them. It was pure molten goodness.

This was a Hoffman White Snappie, which tasted a lot like a real bratwurst, which is traditionally made with pork and veal. I don’t know if this had veal, but it sure was good, so chances are it had veal.

Yet more sausages meeting their fiery fate. These are some Italian sausages on the left and on the right are the Hungarian sausages Tom loves. Apparently the paprika in them gives a bit of a kick. I wanted to try one but I had already eaten more than I should and Tom was really enjoying them and I didn’t want to disturb that.

And finally, here is our host: Tom the Barbecue King, brandishing tongs and a spatula that also has a bottle opener in it. Where there’s meat and fire, Tom is like a god.


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