Meaty Vegas: Meat Buffet

November 1, 2011 § 2 Comments

Las Vegas has approximately 10,000 buffets. I don’t know how the buffet found its way into the local culture, except by its generally feeding into the sense of excess the city thrives on. Every casino and hotel seems to have a buffet. There is even a buffet pass you can get that is good for 24 hours and lets you into something like a dozen different buffets. I don’t know about you, but I can’t eat enough to make it worth the $50 or whatever it cost for that pass.

Beautiful Girlfriend and I decided to eat at a buffet, since it is part of the Vegas experience, and found a well-rated one in the New York New York hotel. It was a bit pricey – $22 each – but it came with a cocktail, so all in all it was not too bad.

On my first trip I was excited to find a carving station with a gentleman carving bacon off a hunk of meat. He was also slicing something with a fancy name off a giant loaf of beef. I decided to try them. Note the strips of traditional crispy bacon for comparison:


On returning to the table, BG asked what I got. “Fresh cut bacon,” I said, “and some fancy beef thing with a cool name. Tri-tip something something. I don’t know.”

“Looks like ham,” she said. “And steak. I think that’s just a regular steak of some sort.”

She sounded like a heretic but she was right. The fresh-carved bacon tasted like ham, which was quite disappointing, and the beef tasted like a steak. A good steak, mind you, but with that fancy name (so fancy I can’t remember what it was), I expected something different.

I went up again and got this – again, the yummy steak, but this time garnished with a Polish sausage:


I love it when one meat serves as a garnish for another meat.

“Is that a kielbasa?” BG asked.

“No, it’s a special Polish sausage. I don’t remember the name.” Obviously, I was focused on the meat, not the labels.

“It looks like kielbasa,” she said.

Sure enough, it tasted like kielbasa as well, but it had a kick at the end, a little bit of spiciness that lingered on the palate. This was no ordinary kielbasa, but possibly genetically modified and improved kielbasa. I just wish I could remember the name of it. I foresee trying lots of test sausages in the near future, trying to find something that will fit the bill. Any suggestions?


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§ 2 Responses to Meaty Vegas: Meat Buffet

  • Christine says:

    Was that sausage Polish or Portuguese? It tasted like a rich and spicy (and very greasy) version of kielbasa. Perhaps it was linguica as described on the chart here:

    That buffet was also worth the $22 because it kept us full well into dinner time! Also, the fancy bottled water was a nice touch. 🙂 xoxox -BG

    • Carl Weaver says:

      I don’t think so. It was definitely Polish.

      That chart you link to is pretty cool. It even has a listing for “tube steak” that is totally SFW, except for the term tube steak.

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