Meaty Vegas: $15 Prime Rib

November 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Something you see all over Las Vegas is deals on prime rib dinners. I even saw a few places that had prime rib for less than $10. I drooled at the thought, and then even more when I saw a place advertising a prime rib buffet. Part of me wanted to go there – the part of me that also didn’t care about consequences of my actions. That’s what Vegas is about: leading a consequence-free existence, even if it is just for short time, until you return to your:

  • home
  • spouse
  • job
  • loan shark
  • cardiologist’s office.

Beautiful Girlfriend reminded me that if we went for the $7 prime rib, we would probably receive a $7 prime rib. Probably not the best dinner. We opted for a $15 prime rib dinner at a restaurant in the Flamingo Hotel. It was a darned good meal and I was glad to have had what appears to be the local specialty.



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