Chili from Chili’s

January 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

I went to Chili’s in Cary, NC recently to visit with my niece, nephew, and their mother. If you have never been to Cary, I can describe it pretty accurately as the type of city that has grown far beyond where it should have and is now has three primary features in its landscape: older, charming neighborhoods; newer neighborhoods with houses that look exactly alike; and strip malls. And what sort of food do you find in strip malls? That’s right – the typical “flair” restaurants like Chili’s, Applebees, TGI Friday, and Ruby Tuesday. They are not bad places, but not interesting either, providing mostly the lowest common denominator of what can be classed as “better than fast food.”

However, I was surprised that Chili’s chili was actually pretty good. I would make it with a bit more spiciness, but for such a generally bland restaurant, the chili had a little kick to it. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, if not as exotic as elk chili, and I had a nice visit with family as well. I’d go anywhere the kids and their mother wanted to eat, to be honest. The food was secondary to the rest of the visit, but stood out on its own.



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