Brasa: All You Can Meat

February 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

My friend Don refers to this type of place as “all you can meat.” That is pretty accurate. I had never been to this type of place, so my brother suggested Brasa in Raleigh when I saw him a couple weeks ago. It was like an orgy of meat. Guys with long skewers of meat kept coming by and giving us whatever we wanted. For $20 each we got the full breakfast buffet and the meat service. We had a bit from the buffet almost as a courtesy because we were really there to eat delicious skewered meat.

First was the pork sausage and bacon-wrapped chicken. I was not a big fan of either, but they were meat so I ate them. In general, if you have to wrap something with bacon, probably you did not season it well enough. That was the case here. The chicken was not bad, but was not too good either. The bacon wrapping made it a little better but was a bit of a cheap trick.


Next was the steak, which was slathered with butter and garlic. This was nice and juicy, and delicious as the day was long. After the meal, I kept belching up garlic the rest of the day. It didn’t bother me at all, but I am sure Beautiful Girlfriend was not a huge fan of it.


And then I ate more:


Finally we got bacon-wrapped medallions of filet mignon. I had never had such a thing before, but found it very tasty and thought the bacon was a nice accompaniment to the rich taste of the filet. The bacon was subtle but definitely noticeable and the filet was about as tender as I could imagine it being.


All in all, I highly recommend this place, and hope I can take BG to a Brazilian type steakhouse soon so she can also enjoy the excess.


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