Fancy Wieners

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20130214-214607.jpgIt’s Valentine’s Day and I bought these wieners as a special treat for Beautiful Fiancee and me. She is trying to live a sugar-free life (other than my sweetness, of course), and often can’t find hot dogs or other sausages that do not contain some sort of sugar. Go check it out – your favorite sausage very likely has sugar. No joke.

These hot dogs were kind of expensive. For six wieners I paid $6.99. That goes beyond my normal $1 per hot dog rule, but splurging is what Valentine’s Day is all about. Apparently it is also all about three-meat wieners. Beef and pork with a lamb casing – that qualifies as a hat trick in my book.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Beautiful Fiancee. You are the love of my life!


How Hot Dogs Are Made

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I love hot dogs. The term “meat batter” made this video something I had to post.

Nacho Flavored Slim Jim

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I stopped at 7-11 after going to the wine store on my lunch break. You see, I am driving to Pennsylvania on Friday to see my father for Christmas and Pop likes his wine. He gets misty sometimes as he sips from one of the fine glasses that came in his wife’s trousseau, recalling the days of his youth as a soldier in France, how the wine flowed and that pretty brunette girl twirled in dance seemingly forever. Ah, youth. So sweet, so fleeting, just like the wine whose glass is now empty.

I wanted a snack after the wine store and found just what I wanted: a nacho flavored Slim Jim. There was just a hint of cheese flavor riding on top of the solid Slim Jim backing. It was barely noticeable but good, all the same. Would I recommend it? Only if the regular Slim Jims are all gone and that is the snack you want.


End of Summer Barbecue with Tom and Tiff

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My friends Tom and Tiffany are among the best people in the world, and not just because they invite me to their kick-ass cookouts and get-togethers. They are just plain great people. Generous, kind, warm-hearted people. They had just such a cookout last weekend to bid adieu to the warmth and frivolity of summer and to welcome the cooler temperatures autumn is sure to bring. The gathering was a meatsplosion or meatocalyopse, and there was a pretty good reliance on sausages, although a few burgers floated around as well.

Sausage gathering, prior to being cooked.

Some Hoffman Red Hots, I think. They were pink and delicious. These may have been the sausages with cheese in them. It was pure molten goodness.

This was a Hoffman White Snappie, which tasted a lot like a real bratwurst, which is traditionally made with pork and veal. I don’t know if this had veal, but it sure was good, so chances are it had veal.

Yet more sausages meeting their fiery fate. These are some Italian sausages on the left and on the right are the Hungarian sausages Tom loves. Apparently the paprika in them gives a bit of a kick. I wanted to try one but I had already eaten more than I should and Tom was really enjoying them and I didn’t want to disturb that.

And finally, here is our host: Tom the Barbecue King, brandishing tongs and a spatula that also has a bottle opener in it. Where there’s meat and fire, Tom is like a god.

Best Gyro Ever

August 30, 2011 § 1 Comment

A couple weeks ago Beautiful Girlfriend and I went to The Big Greek Cafe in Silver Spring, where I had what was possibly the best gyro I ever sank my teeth into. The veggies were fresh and the meat was a perfectly seasoned blend of beef and lamb. The fries it came with were good too. Normally I don’t care much for fries, but these had feta cheese and oregano, making them the best fries ever. BG also had a delicious meal – the moussaka. Both our meals were top-notch. The Big Greek Cafe is just a hole in the wall type place and there is really nothing fancy about it until you come inside and realize that it was what you wanted all your life yet never knew about. I can’t wait to go back!


Red Hot Sausage from 7-11

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7-11 is a godsend. That’s why, when I saw this pickled sausage, right next to a Big Mama, I figured I would give it a shot. When I got back to work I was about to open it and dig in when I remembered to lok and see if this one qualifies as a hat trick – three meats in one meal. It sort of does. Beef, mechanically separated chicken, and beef hearts. Yes, BEEF HEARTS. I was a little taken aback.

When I was in college, a roommate and I decided to buy a box of preformed hamburgers. We bought the cheapest box we could find because we needed to reserve some funds for beer and other things students need. They tasted funny so I looked at the label and sure enough they were made with beef hearts. My roommate gladly took my uneaten share of the burgers and I decided to look more closely next time I bought processed meats. Until today, apparently.

Thus, beef hearts are forever off my menu. I don’t eat innards and don’t mind admitting that I am closed minded about this. It’s one of the benefits of being all adulty and stuff. I eat what I want. Sorry, 7-11. No beef hearts for me.


Sasquatch Big Stick by Jack Links

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Beautiful Girlfriend gave me this on Sunday when she picked me up after a job interview. I don’t know if she intended it to be such, but I considered it an early Valentine’s Day gift.

This is a tasty sausage, much like a Slim Jim. Juicy, chewy, meaty, and made from two different meats (beef and mechanically separated chicken), which seems to be the key to producing delicious snacks. The best part is that it had a picture of a sasquatch and that it was “Angry” flavor. It was a bit spicy but not overly so. Just enough to give it a good bite.

BG, I love you. You really know what I like and are the best girlfriend ever. I am a very fortunate guy.

Sasquatch beef jerky

Sasquatch beef jerky

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