Ox Penis

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That’s one heck of a penis. And at $9.99 per pound, they sure are proud of it. Proud of that monstrous Ox penis right there in the freezer section, in front of God and everyone.

For goodness sake, would you cover up?


Goat Curry from Minerva

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Minerva is an Indian buffet near where I work that has some of the best food I have ever had. Of course, if Indian isn’t your thing, you probably won’t care for it. However, my coworker Troy and I seem to end up there about once a month. It’s great food, not too far away, and not a terrible price.

One of their specialties, it seems, is goat curry. I am of two minds when it comes to this dish. On one hand, there is a goat farm near my office and I sometimes drive out of my way to see the cute little critters scamper about, all playful-like. Presently they even have babies. It is adorable.

On the other hand, goat is just so damned tasty. Minerva makes the cuteness fade away into deliciousness with a slightly spicy curry sauce and what must be hours of simmering. Chunks of gamey meat soak in the sauce, becoming more and more tender as it sits on the buffet.

Cuteness never tasted so good.


Fresh Jerky!

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While driving to Chloride, Ariz., which really does look like a ghost town, Beautiful Girlfriend and I saw a few billboards for the best jerky in the area. I really wanted to go there but it was another 15 miles and BG wasn’t too excited about it. The prospect of jerky, at least to her, was not so enticing. To me it was a sacred kind of meat, possibly the most flavorful. I pushed for it and we went there. In case you want some of this stuff but don’t want to travel through the deserts of Arizona, you can order it at FreshJerky.com.

When we pulled up to the small building and dirt parking lot, which didn’t seem that interesting, except for the jerky signs.


Next I saw the Jerky van. I knew I was in a dried-and-cured heaven.


I wanted to buy many different types of jerky but the price was too high. I settled for the venison and standard beef, which would be a good comparison, I figured.

The venison jerky was a bit smoky and gamey, as I had expected. The scent was a bit of a turn-off, but jerky is not known for its olfactory pleasantness. The venison jerky was tasty, with a bit of tang and left a smoky taste in my mouth. It even had a bit of bite from what I guess were hot peppers, although no hot peppers are on the ingredient list.


The beef jerky was a solid jerky, about as good as you can get. It was smoky, with just a hint of sweetness, and a deep soy sauce flavor, like a good teriyaki. It’s hard to stop eating, and I keep belching up deliciousness.


All in all, I am very happy with these jerkies. These are head and shoulders above the snack food brand jerkies. However, the more than $10 per bag is a bit excessive. Even for the champagne of beef jerkies, that’s a bit much, and I would say these are champagne quality meat products. I wish I could have afforded more of it.

Rib Night: Wild Boar and Buffalo

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Beautiful Girlfriend and I took a trip to the southwest, where we visited Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park. We stayed at the Arrowhead Country Inn in Mt. Carmel, UT, whose owners recommended we visit the Buffalo Bistro in nearby Glendale, UT. When I saw the sign, I knew I was at the right place. I didn’t get a photo of the front of the restaurant, but they even have a chuck wagon. Meat was sure to be on the menu!


BG and I decided to try the rib plate for two, and dined on wild boar and buffalo ribs. The boar ones are longer for some reason. You can see a short little buffalo rib sticking out on the left side, smothered by wild boar. It was all delicious, but honestly, it tasted like pork and beef to me. Maybe my palate is not discriminating enough to detect the subtle sweetness of the boar or appreciate the extra-lean qualities of buffalo. All the same, like I said, it was delicious, and easily some of the best ribs I have had. That’s BG’s hand reaching for some more wild boar because we all know that pigs and their relatives are some of the most delicious animals around.


The owner cooks all the meat on an outdoor grill, which can get mighty cold during the winter, so he closes the restaurant between November and March each year. But if you happened to go by, stop in and tell him Carl the Meat Man sent you. He won’t know who you are talking about, but he will certainly get a chuckle and delight you with stimulating conversation.


Elk Chili

October 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

I am on holiday in the American Southwest, seeing beautiful sights and scenic vistas I may never see again. Chief among them is elk chili, spotted at the Bryce Canyon Lodge in Utah. Bryce Canyon is breathtaking and after a morning of hiking, a stop at the lodge was perfect for my noontime repast. When Beautiful Girlfriend asked what I was going to eat, I must have looked at her like she had three heads. “The elk chili, of course,” I responded. Was there really another choice?

It was a hearty chili, to be sure, but I was hoping for more of an exotic or gamey flavor. As far as taste goes, it could have been beef, if judging by flavor alone. All the same, it was very good and worth every penny of the $4 investment.


Bison Stick

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