I Eat What I Want

August 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

Why do I stress this so? Why is it a big deal that I eat whatever I want?

The story goes back a number of years, back to a time of decisions I would later seriously question. One of those decisions was to give up eating meat. Why did I do this? I felt bad for the animals who were slaughtered for my taste buds to enjoy. I wished they had their freedom and did not have to die the way they did.

Recently, as part of some other changes in my life, I decided to give up this foolishness and not be so concerned and re-enter the Meat Cycle: the cycle of birth, death, meat. Someday I will die and be meat too, destined to be dined on by various critters I can only imagine today, so I figure it’s only fair that I take a more active part in all this. Also, eating what I want and adopting a less stringent diet has helped me manage stress a little better. No joke – meat is good for all parts of a human.

Join me on my journey and taste the deliciousness of meat with me.


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