Lechon Asado: Delicious Cuban Spicy Pork

January 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

My friend Alfredo is Cuban and thus was excited when I told him that Beautiful Girlfriend and I went to Cuba de Ayer restaurant in Burtonsville, MD. It was great food. If you have never been to a Cuban restaurant, go find one wherever you are. I understand this is a right easy thing to do in southern Florida, but likely wherever you are you can find something not too far away.

I had lechon asado, which is grilled pork marinated in criollo sauce. It was wonderful. The meat fell apart at the touch of my fork. A little spicy but not too much – perfect. It came with plantains and “moros y cristos” – a mixture of black means (moros) and white rice (cristos). Forget the cultural and religious implications and pass me a fork, for goodness sake!

BG had some sort of steak with onions. It was at least as good as the pork I had, but they flattened her plantains for some reason. Maybe that makes them cooke better when fried.


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